FREE & PAID Glowforge SVG Cut Files

Our curated collection of the best SVG Cut Files for Glowforge Machines! Some also allow the Commercial Use of their free files too!!

Why SVGs? SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Our Glowforge machines are only designed to handle vector graphics.
The laser will follow the vectors (lines) of your design as it cuts. SVG files are compatible with Glowforge lasers. Easy to resize, change colors, and customize however you’d like.

FREE Glowforge SVG Cut Files

Craft Bundles

*includes Commercial License*

Creative Fabrica

*includes Commercial License*

Design Bundles

*includes Commercial License*

Font Bundles

*includes Commercial License*

Love SVG

Bundle Freebie & Flash Freebie

The Hungry JPEG

*includes Commercial License*

…. curated list coming soon!!!

  • Etsy – The largest marketplace on the internet for SVG files.
  • Laser-Ready Templates – This laser template marketplace boasts 3500+ templates for sale.
  • Library Laser – 600+ Laser ready designs, Free & Paid to find your next project.