Glowforge Laser Cutting Machines

A Glowforge laser for every maker’s dreams.

For work, play, crafting, school, or a home-based business, there’s a Glowforge laser just for you.

Glowforge Model Comparison – Glowforge Aura vs. Glowforge Plus vs. Glowforge Pro.

Aura model
Glowforge Aura



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Get Your Craft On!
Glowforge Plus model
Glowforge Plus



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Start Your Business!
Glowforge Pro model
Glowforge Pro



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Be a Laserpreneur!

Glowforge Basics

Learn what materials can be cut and engraved on a Glowforge, what’s in the box, which design software & basic operation requirements.

Glowforge Setup

Prepare your workspace for using your Glowforge with a focus on laser safety and convenience.

Getting Started with Your Glowforge

From making your first project to finding inspiration for your next, you’ll be a Glowforge pro in no time at all. Find the answers you need along the way.

Getting Started in the Glowforge App

Glowforge First Prints / Cuts & Engraves

Glowforge App Premium Membership

Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting