7 Best Glowforge Storage Tables & Carts

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What the heck are you going to put your Glowforge machine on? What will be sturdy enough? What about the storage of Proofgrade material? Will it have wheels? These are all important questions when shopping for a stand/table for your Glowforge machine.

Requirements of a Glowforge Stand/Table

Table-top Size – Aura:

Minimum of 20″ Width and 20″ Depth will safely support your machine. Machine dimensions are: 22″ x 20.5″ x 5″ (556mm x 521mm x 127mm)

Table-top Size – Basic, Plus & Pro:

Minimum of 36″ Width and 20″ Depth will safely support your machine. Machine dimensions are: 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

Table-top Material:

Wood or Metal. Plastic isn’t strong enough and will wobble or even collapse entirely under the weight of the machine and cutting materials. The larger models weigh 50+ pounds, make sure the table or cart you choose is rated to hold that much weight or else it’ll collapse and your machine will fall onto the ground!

Storage Options:

Drawers – convenient, make sure their size and depth can accommodate your cutting material, as well as any additional tools and supplies like masking tape, scissors, etc.

Shelves – if made out of wood or metal, they can hold a lot of weight of cutting material. Also, open wide shelving can hold material sheets of all sizes. Open shelves do however collect a considerable amount of dust.


Wheels – Tables/Stands/Carts that are on lockable wheels will be mobile when you need it and stationary when you don’t. If you bought the Glowforge Pro, having the machine mobile is handy for using the pass-through feature with long-cutting materials.

Best Glowforge & Material Storage Tables

Based on the popularity amongst Glowforge owners across the web, Facebook groups, and the GF Support Forum, along with pictures of them in use and where to buy them.

Best Glowforge Storage Tables from The Home Depot

Our Pick
Husky 46 in. x 24.5 in, 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

This workhorse of Glowforge tables will fit all models of machines, includes ample storage for tools and materials, plus it's mobile for use with the pass-through slot! The sides have handles where you can hang tools or attach a fire extinguisher. Drawers are soft-close and wheels can lock.

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Husky 46 in. x 24 in. Adjustable Height Work Table with 2-Drawers

This workstation is adjustable from 26 inches to 42 inches tall. Perfect for taller makers! Includes 2 drawers to keep the essentials handy at all times.

Glowforge Storage Tables from Amazon

Homestyles Solid Wood Kitchen Cart, 44 in. x 20.5 in.

Sturdy wooden kitchen cart with drawers and shelving for storage. Plenty of space to stack material sheets on the bottom shelf, while also organizing small tools in drawers.

06/21/2024 09:10 am GMT
Seville Classics Stainless Steel Top Work Table, 49 in. x 24 in.

Low cost yet functional and easy to clean.

06/21/2024 05:56 pm GMT
Steel cart for glowforge stand
Seville Classics Steel frame Wood Top Table on Wheels, 48 in x 24 in

Mid-range cost, functional, and easy to clean. You can add a board at the bottom to create a shelf.

06/21/2024 08:45 am GMT

Glowforge Storage Tables from IKEA

If you have an IKEA within driving distance or within their delivery area, there are some awesome deals to be had! All of IKEA’s products come unassembled in flat-pack boxes and usually require nothing more than a screwdriver and some patience to put together.

IKEA BROR Utility cart, with Plywood top, 33 in x 21 in

IKEA's most economical option, industrial chic, includes shelving and locking wheels. Comes in Green, Black and White.

IKEA KNOXHULT Base cabinet with doors and drawer, 72 in x 24 in

IKEA's largest storage solution for the Glowforge, you'd have endless space for materials and small tools, plus a very generous workspace on top with room to spare!

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    • Hi Toni, I’m glad the article was helpful. I personally have my Glowforge Pro setup on the Husky wheeled storage cart. It has room for all my proofgrade sheets, tools, and is mobile for when I do pass-through cuts. Happy cutting!