Review: Wood It Is – Baltic Birch Plywood

Glowforge offers pre-finished Proofgrade Baltic Birch Plywood for $16 per sheet. If you’re willing to sand the sheet yourself, you can save a considerable amount of money!


I’ve tested many an online supplier of Baltic Birch Plywood sheets and by far, Wood It Is has delivered the best and most consistent product. At less than $5 per sheet, you read that right, you receive 22 pieces of 1/8″ 12″ x 20″ Baltic Birch Plywood sheets – the perfect size for all models of the Glowforge. You’ll save $11 per sheet, plus it’ll accept stains much better than Glowforge’s prefinished Proofgrade. A savings like that reallllllly adds up for the small business craftpreneur.


I’m not sure where they source their Baltic Birch Plywood from, but I’m a big fan of it. It cuts easily and with smooth edges. I’ve achieved sharp edges easily with intricate designs. They even include the cut-offs which are nice for testing and small designs.

I’ve received some warped boards before, but honestly it’s not been bad enough I couldn’t fix them by weighing them down with heavy objects for a couple days.

Remember these boards don’t have a protective tape on them to prevent scorching like the Proofgrade does, so you’ll need to apply your own or clean it off afterward with rubbing alcohol.

Takes and holds stains well, paint too.


Wood It Is sends all their product by USPS Priority Mail shipping out of their home state of Nevada. The sheets arrive well packaged and undamaged in a flat-rate priority box.

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