Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for the Glowforge User

Take a look at my list of Favorite Gift Ideas for the Glowforge User. Do you have a super crafty friend or family member that loves to create with their Glowforge machine? If you are looking for gift ideas and aren’t sure where to start, this list of gift ideas for Glowforge users is for you!

We love to create with our Glowforges. I use both the Glowforge Basic machine and Glowforge Pro laser cutting machines. So many of the accessories I use are geared towards both of these machines. If you don’t know which model of machine your gift recipient uses, Basic, Plus or Pro, many of my recommended gift ideas will work with any Glowforge machine.

Gift Ideas Glowforge Users will Love

If your Glowforge loving friend already has a Glowforge machine, they may only need extra materials and supplies. Or, if they’ve been drooling over the Pro model all year, wishing they had that model instead, then maybe Santa wants to surprise them with an upgrade to the Glowforge Pro!

Glowforge Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for the Glowforge User

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