Get up to a $500 Glowforge Discount!

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Want a Glowforge but don’t want to pay full price? I get it! I bought my Glowforge at a discount too – today I’ll show you how you can too! Sharing is Caring!

Because I’m an owner, I can share a special referral link with you to get a discount. Don’t have a friend that has one? I’ll be your virtual friend and you can use mine. You’ll save money and I’ll get rewarded with a credit to use buying proofgrade supplies. Win-win! There’s no discount code or coupon to enter, just click the button to save.

Aura model
Glowforge Aura



Holiday Deal!

Get Your Craft On!
Glowforge Plus model
Glowforge Plus



Holiday Deal + Referral!

Start Your Business!
Glowforge Pro model
Glowforge Pro



Holiday Deal + Referral!

Be a Laserpreneur!

It will show up on the Order page. It will show you a cheaper price with the words “with referral” next to it. That’s it, that’s all you need to do to save money. Easy, huh.

How Much Will You Save?

  • If you buy a Plus model, you’ll save $250. (More power & speed than Aura)
  • If you buy a Pro model, you’ll save $500. (Passthrough slot & upgraded Cooling system)

Which Model is Right For You?

Simple setup in under 30 minXXX
Compatible with Mac, PC, tablet or phoneXXX
Free web-based softwareXXX
Live preview of your printsXXX
Autofocus and 3D EngravingXXX
Works with 100s of materialsXXX
Works with clear acrylic & glassXX
Includes exhaust hose kitXXX
Laser power6W40W45W
Max cutting1⁄4”1⁄2”1⁄2”
Max engraving3/4"2"2"
Max material size12” x 12”12” x 20”12” x 20”
Printable size12" x 12"19.5" x 11"19.5" x 11"
Gigantic prints with Passthrough slot12 in.20 in
Cut speed1X10X12X
Top speed1X16X24X
CoolingOnboard air coolingOnboard liquid coolingEnhanced cooling for all-day printing
CameraWide AngleWide Angle, MacroWide Angle, Macro
Machine dimensions22" x 20.5" x 5"38" x 20.75" x 8.25"38" x 20.75" x 8.25"
Peak power consumption84W800W800W
Worry-Free Warranty12 month12 month12 month
Optional Compact Air FilterX $399X $1,295X $1,295

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