Keep Your Glowforge Box & Save $250!

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I am the first to admit that I NEVER save boxes from purchases. The moment I get the item, I tear the box to shreds opening it and then chuck the pieces. This time is different, you ABSOLUTELY MUST SAVE YOUR GLOWFORGE BOX along with everything inside of it and keep it in prime condition. Save ALL Orange pieces, tape, white inner foam from your machine, outer gray packaging foam, and even the white cardboard runners that helped your box keep its shape.

Save the box, orange pieces, gray and white foam

Why Do I Need to Save my Glowforge Box?

If you ever need Service or need to file a Warranty claim for your machine, then you will need your box to ship to Glowforge. In fact, it states directly on their Warranty, that you provide the box and that “Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping and insuring an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping.”

Meaning, if you threw out your box, you’ll have to purchase a replacement first to be able to ship your machine in for repairs. That’s an extra $250+ to cough up on top of being frustrated that your $3 – $6K laser machine is an expensive paperweight until it gets fixed. Note: Glowforge won’t accept machines that have been shipped in other containers. Since you are responsible for shipping costs and insurance, it’s best to use the original packaging designed to protect your investment.

Replacement Glowforge Box and ‘Red & Orange Bits’ prices

Plan on Moving? Or Bringing it Along to an Event?

Having the original packaging will be a god-send when you have to move your machine – whether you’re moving cross country or just taking it with you for a 1 day Maker Faire. Glowforge even has a helpful Re-packaging Tutorial to follow.

Where Should You Keep Your Box?

Just a heads up, the Glowforge Machine Box is HUGE!!!

Dimensions: 46″ Length x 28″ Width x 13.5″ Height

For all those that live in a house with a Garage, lucky you, your only challenge will be clearing a spot for the HUGE box. For apartment dwellers and renters, you probably won’t have a space available at home for the box. Some storage suggestions: Friends or Family Members garage or storage space – remind them how much they love you, rent & share a Small Storage Unit with a Neighbor, cover the box with a room divider – instant mini-storage area, or cover the box with a table cloth – hello new nightstand!

Save yourself a migraine and keep your Glowforge machine box with all the packing materials it originally included. You’ll thank yourself later!

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