What’s included in the Glowforge Accessory Pack?

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You’ve ordered your Glowforge laser cutting machine and you noticed that upon checkout it included the ‘Glowforge Accessory Pack’. Well, what the heck is it?

Meet the Glowforge Accessory Pack

  1. Crumb Tray: The black and metal crumb tray sits inside the bed of your Glowforge, supports the material you place inside, and catches leftover print bits to keep your Glowforge nice and tidy.
  2. Exhaust Hose: All Glowforge’s give off potentially dangerous fumes that need to be vented. Connect one end to the back of the machine and the other end of the hose to the outdoors through a window or a vent that connects directly outside. Read more on Venting safely.
  3. Ring Clamps: These clamps will secure the exhaust hose onto your machine. It is recommended that you disconnect the hose after each use, as changing weather conditions may cause hot, cold, or humid air to enter your Glowforge that could damage it.
  4. Power Cord: This 120V power cord plugs into the back of the machine. Make sure you connect your Glowforge directly to a wall outlet and not a surge protector and do not use your machine with an extension cord.
Glowforge Accessory Pack included with your machine purchase

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